Sand Bags / Polypropylene Sand bags

Sand Bags / Polypropylene Sand bags

We offers wide range of PP sand bags with different utililes and add on values as per the customers requirement. We offer tie-string or tie cord sand bags made of PP ( Polypropylene) with feasible and economical prices, our sandbags are available in white, green, orange, tan, beige and other customs colors


In addition our sand bags are manufactured and consist of a unique, double-zippered, leak proof system. This leak-proof feature of the bag allows it to be filled with required amount of the weight We also offer the PP Sand Bags for Military Use with Rope mainly used in the defence ministry.

We offer these PP Sand bags in various specifications and sizes & available in beautiful colors, finest quality and distinct designs combined to ensure customer satisfaction.

Salient Features

  • 100% customized PP Sand bag with any customized size, colour, GSM
  • UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours
  • A very cost effective packing solution with better moisture retention characteristics
  • High durability along with excellent tearing strength
  • Tight weave characteristic of our PP Sand bags gives the top utility value with perfect texture
  • Tie-string or Tie cord (rope) as attachment for the closure of the Sand bag


  • Prevention and protection again the Flood control
  • Used for the development of roads, traffic and road signs.
  • Used for the packaging of mainly Sand, concrete materials & other aggregate materials
  • For the Erosion control